• July 29th 2020
    Article on basin hopping exploration of SCF solution space published
    Our recent work using the basin hopping approach to expore self consistent field (SCF) solution space has been accepted for publication in Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation and is available as a just accepted manuscript (link). Different SCF solutions contain different correlation structures, and so locating solutions and understanding their properties is important to develop subsequent methods that use SCF solutions as references in new ways.

  • July 19th 2020
    Tyler joins the group
    The group welcomes Tyler who has joined us for graduate studies.

  • June 22nd 2020
    Clint reaches doctoral candidacy
    Well done to Clint for passing the original research proposal and becoming a doctoral candidate.

  • May 22nd 2020
    Piper joins group to do undergraduate research
    Welcome to Piper who will be doing research in the group this summer.

  • May 1st 2020
    Irma starts undergraduate research in the group
    A warm welcome to Irma who is joining the group to do research this summer.

  • April 24th 2020
    Dane recognised for outstanding academic performance
    Dane received a special citation for outstanding academic performance at the undergraduate student awards ceremony for graduating seniors. The award is given to those who obtain a chemistry GPA of 3.5 or higher. Congratuations Dane!

  • April 14th 2020
    Emily's azobenzene electric field response article available as just accepted manuscript
    Emily's work exploring the response of azobenzene to applied oriented electric fields is available as a just accepted manuscript (link). The work illustrates that the topology of the branching space around the S0/S1 conical intersection is dramatically altered under applied fields, that electric fields cause minima in the potential energy surface that are not present in field-free conditions, as well as demonstrating that the weak field response may be different to the response under strong fields due to strong-field dipole inversion effects.

  • January 21st 2020
    Dane joins group to do undergraduate research
    Welcome to Dane who has joined the group as an undergraduate researcher.

  • December 13th 2019
    Book chapter on electronic structure of single-site metal photocatalysts supported on silica released
    Our work examining the excited state electronic structure of single-site vandium oxide photocatalysts supported on mesoporous silica has been published demonstrating how the metal center mediates spin-crossover and so prevents charge recombination to allow chemical reactions with adsorbed species (link).

  • December 3rd 2019
    Paper published on approximate projection calculations of spin-crossover gaps and J-coupling constants
    Lee coauthors article demonstrating the utility of approximate projection schemes in computing J-coupling constants and spin-crossover gaps of transition metal complexes (link).

  • September 30th 2019
    Lanthanide-hydroxide study published
    Lee is an author on structure and bonding study of lanhanide hydroxides suggesting such bonds are best described as covalent triple bonds (link).

  • September 6th 2019
    Spancer completes literature seminar
    Congratulations Spancer on completing the literature seminar on global optimization algorithms as a requirement for reaching candidacy.

  • August 28th 2019
    The group presents at the 2019 ACS Fall national meeting in San Diego
    Andrew and Lee both gave talks on the group's recent work at the 2019 ACS Fall meeting in San Diego.

  • May 19th 2019
    The group presents at SETCA 2019
    The group had a great time meeting other theoretical chemists from across the south east USA. Lee presented an invited talk while the other group members all presented posters.

  • May 13th 2019
    Demos wins at the Kentucky Regional Science Fair
    Congratulations to Demos who presented his work at the Kentucky Regional Science Fair and won 3rd place in chemistry, the Amazon Innovation Award, and a place at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair to be held in Phoenix, AZ!

  • April 5th 2019
    Lee presents research seminar
    Lee presented results from the group's work in the last 18 months at the University of Louisville Chemical Engineering Department Seminar.

  • April 2nd 2019
    Emily gives literature seminar
    Emily gave a great presentation on the interaction of electric fields with molecules and took another step on the path to candidacy. Congratulations Emily!!

  • March 29th 2019
    Lee presents research seminar
    Lee presented results from the group's work in the last 18 months at the University of Louisville Physics Department Seminar.

  • March 18th 2019
    Work on the cover of ChemPhysChem
    Our work on the kinetics of aminooxy compounds is on the cover of ChemPhysChem. Read the article here.
    ChemPhysChem Cover

  • February 6th 2019
    Clint publishes work on aminooxy reaction kinetics
    Clint and Lee published an article in collarboration with the Nantz and Fu groups in ChemPhysChem detailing the kinetics of aminooxy compounds (link).

  • January 31st 2019
    Clint presents literature seminar
    Clint presented a literature seminar on synergistic experimental and theoretical efforts to determine U parameters in DFT+U. Passing the literature seminar is a requirement on the path to candidacy so well done Clint!

  • December 20th 2018
    Lee publishes paper on approximate projection models
    Lee published a paper in Molecular Physics exploring the behavior of approximate projection models (link).

  • November 21st 2018
    Lee publishes paper on global searches of SCF solution space
    Lee published a paper in Journal of Chemical Physics exploring how multiple electronic struture solutions can be identified for independent particle models (link).

  • October 26th 2018
    The group receives funds from the American Chemical Society Petroleum Research Fund
    We are grateful to the American Chemical Society Petroleum Research Fund for support our work on elucidation and design of metallophotocatalytic pathways for partial oxidation of methane.

  • October 19th 2018
    Spancer becomes an official member of the research group
    A warm welome to Spancer who will be working on her graduate studies in our research group.

  • September 12th 2018
    Emily becomes the group's newest member
    The group has expanded once again with Emily joining the group for graduate studies. Welcome Emily!

  • August 23rd 2018
    Lee presents at Boston ACS Fall 2018 meeting
    Lee presented the groups work from the previous year at the Boston ACS Fall 2018 conference.

  • July 23rd 2018
    Lee publishes paper in collaboration with Hammond and Correia groups
    Lee published a paper in Advanced Synthesis & Catalysis examining the mechanism of non-covalent directed enantioselective Heck desymmetrization (link).

  • June 1st 2018
    The group receives a Research II grant from the University of Louisville
    We are grateful to the University of Louisville Office for Research and Innovation for providing the group with funds from a Research II award.

  • April 16th 2018
    Lee presents at school outreach event
    Lee attended an outreach workshop with Prof. Ramenzanipour and Prof. Handa at Central High School, helping students understand why chemistry is important and inspiring the next generation of researchers!

  • March 19th 2018
    Welcome to the group Andrew
    A big welcome to Andrew who takes up a postdoctoral researcher position with us.

  • January 12th 2018
    Clint joins the group
    The group has a new graduate student. Welcome to the group Clint!

  • December 7th 2017
    New office installed
    Our new office equipment has been installed. You can view photos on the gallery page.

  • September 26th 2017
    Lee presenting at SERMACS 2017
    Lee will be presenting on November 9th at the Contemporary Computational Chemistry Symposium being held at SERMACS 2017 in Charlotte.

  • September 26th 2017
    Postdoctoral position available
    We are looking to hire a postdoctoral research associate. For details, please see our advertisment (link).

  • August 25th 2017
    Website in development
    The website is up! It is still in development so check back soon for more updates.